Glen Elliott Profile

There are times in every leader’s life or the life of a church or organization when they discover they need some help. An experienced outside partner can provide clear and objective guidance to help you through a challenge, tension, or new chapter.

I love the church and have served it for over 46 years. I have worked with many Christian nonprofits. I care deeply about leaders, their health, and the health of the organizations they lead. I have worked with churches and organizations of all sizes and life stages. I would be honored to partner and serve with you and your church or nonprofit.

I can help and serve you in one of three roles. A mentor is a seasoned leader who, through reflective interaction, can share wisdom and counsel for both the personal and professional growth of a leader. A coach helps a leader take responsibility for a specific change to maximize their leadership potential. A consultant guides a leadership team as they undertake a project with careful analysis and experienced guidance. In any of these three roles, I will be with you to listen, help you reflect, offer objective feedback, and support you in a confidential manner, always honoring your unique history and calling. Let’s talk further, at no obligation to you, to discuss your needs and an affordable cost to help you accomplish your dreams and goals.