Organizational Governance

A church or ministry needs a proper governance structure to be healthy and advance the work of God’s Kingdom. A healthy high-functioning board provides good support, encouragement, and protection; balanced with appropriate accountability for the pastor or leader.

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Leadership Succession

Every pastor or leader is an interim, as no one serves forever. A planned leadership succession is the most effective way to ensure the church or organization continues to be healthy and advance its mission.

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Pastor/Leader Mentoring and Coaching

Every pastor or leader has blind spots or gets stuck at some point in their ministry and needs a safe place to get help, perspective, and guidance. It might be time for some mentoring or coaching to help you and your leadership advance to the next level.

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Leadership Development

Your vision and mission requires that you develop leaders and volunteers. It’s critical that you exponentially multiply leaders and fulfill your God-given role of equipping people for ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13).

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Strategic Thinking & Development

Every healthy church or organization needs to have well thought out vision, ends, mission, and core values declarations. I can help you analyze your current situation and clarify, write, and utilize the components of a strategic plan to develop executable goals.

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Crisis Management

Every leader, church, or organization will face some kind of crisis. It’s inevitable. It could be the sudden loss of a senior leader or a toxic culture. As an unbiased, calming, experienced consultant, I can provide the help that is needed to move through a challenge or storm.

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Trusted By

Bruce Moriarty
Bruce MoriartyChairman of the Elder Team - Christ the Rock Church, Menasha, WI

Glen Elliott has made a tremendous impact in his brief time of working with our Elders and Senior Leadership Team. As we worked toward a new governance and leadership model he provided insight, expertise and experiences without imposing his own views; in short, he helped us reach an endpoint that was best for us. Glen is prepared, professional and positive and his influence will be long-lasting. We recommend Glen with the highest confidence and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again should the situation warrant.

Jennifer Tompkins
Jennifer TompkinsFormer Executive Director - Tucson Refugee Ministry

When I stepped into the role at Tucson Refugee Ministry as Executive Director it was unclear what decisions I could make for the ministry and what decisions the Board of Directors could make. This led to some long board meetings. We realized that our governance documents were inadequate to show what responsibilities were mine and what responsibilities were the board’s. With Glen Elliott’s guidance we were able to walk though an incredibly smooth process of rewriting our governance documents together. It provided so much clarity and enabled us to have a firm foundation to grow the ministry out of. We also were able to reduce the time in our board meetings because we already knew our limits and expectations. I can’t say enough about how important Glen’s coaching has been to get us to that next step in ministry growth.

Joel Zeiner
Joel ZeinerLead Pastor - Christ the Rock Church, Menasha, WI

Glen helped our church through a leadership transition by aligning our elders and senior leadership team around a new governance structure. In doing so, he led us to rethink our vision and how we align ministries around the vision. Glen was a delight to work with. He is knowledgeable, expedient, and experienced in organizational leadership. He was available to meet with us in person, via zoom, and over the phone as needed. I have worked with many organizational and leadership consultants of which Glen is the best. What sets Glen apart is the sincerity of his faith and how much he personally cares about the success of our church and me as a leader (for which I am most grateful). I give Glen my highest recommendation.

Pete Seiferth
Pete SeiferthExecutive Director - Tucson Refugee Ministry

Glen Elliott did a masterful job of leading the Tucson Refugee Ministry Board (TRM) of Directors through a process of developing and implementing a policy governance strategy for leading the ministry. As an organization experiencing leadership transition and growth, Glen helped the board articulate TRM’s mission, vision, and values and clarify the roles and responsibilities of Board members and the Executive Director. Glen understands the complexity of leading organizations and he facilitated the process with wisdom, intelligence, and good humor. If you have the chance to learn from Glen Elliott, do it!

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