Glen served on staff at Pantano Christian Church in Tucson, AZ for 24 years and was the Lead Pastor for 15 years. He was part of a successful transition into that role and he oversaw a planned succession where he recently transitioned out of the role. He is currently invested in mentoring, coaching, and consulting pastors and leaders. Glen believes that healthy pastors and leaders lead healthy churches and organizations which advance the Kingdom of God.

Glen earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Hope International University. He served as Dean of Students at a Christian college and as a pastor in churches in Arizona, California, and Ohio. Glen has also served with mission organizations and on a variety of boards.

Glen and his family served as missionaries in Kherson, Ukraine from 1991-92 and 1994-98, primarily focusing on leadership development and establishing a mission outreach to Muslim peoples. They helped start several churches and a training institute (Tavriski Christian Institute) – the first Christian institute to be accredited by the Ukrainian government.

Glen has been married for over four decades and has two children and two granddaughters. He loves being outdoors where he regularly rides his bike, enjoys hiking, and loves to water and snow ski.

Glen’s motto is simply this: Faithfulness, not success.